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Chocolate! D-E-L-I-C-IO-U-S Chocolate!!

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A visit to Jacques Torres Chocolate feels like stepping into a small European specialty store. Many customers compare the experience to the movie "Chocolat." Jacques created every aspect of the store from cutting the marble and designing the chocolate case to designing the copper lights and building the glass shelving units. The store is filled with yummy treats all hand-made by Jacques. Three small cafÈ tables encourage you to sit, sip hot chocolate and enjoy a freshly baked pain au chocolat. Fun is the theme of the staff Jacques lovingly refers to as his "oompa-loompas." You'll find them smiling, probably singing and dancing to the "all-time-greatest hits" and definitely willing to extend some pretty amazing customer service. You'll get a taste of something during your visit and you are certain leave with a bag of goodies. Store visitors may often see candy being made. The factory is visible through large plate glass windows from inside the store and from the street level.

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