Feed the Hungry: A Memoir with Recipes

Books: Feed the Hungry: A Memoir with Recipes

Feed the Hungry: A Memoir with Recipes Why I am recommending this book:

Food is a language that all human beings have in common which might help to explain why it is so effective in taking a reader into the world of this writer. Nani Power combines two of my favorite things in Feed the Hungry - reading about eating and being transported into the world of someone with something interesting to say.

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From Amazon.com:

Consumption is the real American pastime. Through the prism of food, we all see our pasts differently. Like the finest food writers, Power brings readers directly into her world through the evocative depiction of the experience of eating. From her childhood on a rambling farm in Virginia -- during which she witnessed a saga of fighting, disowning, silencing, and other regrettable acts -- to her peripatetic and international adult life, Power's reflections are surprising, enthralling, and entertaining. She has a deep understanding of the cuisines of Peru and Mexico, Iran and India; her stints as a sandwich seller in Rio, a waitress in the East Village, a funeral caterer in the Deep South, and on a food junket to Japan all seem familiar as she relates each experience to us through its cuisine. A wealth of detailed recipes throughout the book offer a chance to recreate Power's memories in perpetuity.

Lyrical and uplifting, unflinching and brave, Feed the Hungry is a supple, evocative memoir of food, travel, Americana, and family history, written with all the creativity, tenderness, grit, and verve we have come to expect from this uncommonly gifted writer.

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